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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:02 am    Post subject: App: bubblemeat

The application submitted by bubblemeat is as follows:

Armory Link:

Battle Tag:

Preferred Spec(s):


Your Time Zone:

Warcraftlogs Link (or equivalent):

Our Core group's raid times are 9:45PM - 1AM EST Wednesday, Sunday, Monday. If you cannot fully make this schedule, please describe any limitations.:
Available for all those times.

Because we consider this a raiding guild, if you are on during a raid we expect you to be signed up and in raid. If you sign up and do not show up, you risk demotion or being removed from the guild. Would this become an issue for you?:

During raids, (although rarely), there may become a time where we may need to substitute you for a class that may help us progress on a particular boss (e.g.: a crowd control class or an additional healer). Are you comfortable with this?:

Please tell us about your raiding history including any past experience in any previous expansion or the current. List any progression milestones that you feel are valuable. Use as much space as you'd like.:
I started playing at the beginning of MoP. At first I would just pug heroic for the multiple raids up too. Getting ahead of the curve for Imperator's Fall, Guldan, and Xavius. I then joined my first actual raiding guild downing the first 4 bosses of Night Hold. (Skorp,Chrom,Trill,Krosus). I've been on and off the game as time has been a huge factor but i'm now free of most time restrictions and I'm ready to take it up a notch.

Please tell us about your guild history with all other raiding guilds, including reasons why you left these guilds.:
The only serious raiding guild I've been on was Victorius 4/10m NH on Bleeding Hollow. I left the guild because the guild master was a complete psycho and she slowly harassed many of the best players to leave. I'm not that big into drama online so I took my leave of absence looking for a better home.

Please list any references from your last raiding guild.:

Give us a description of your current raiding build. It is likely you change out talents on a fight-per-fight basis. Please describe the various talent selections you would make on a given raid night.:
So for affliction warlocks the only time that I would switch based off of the fights I've completely would be switching to seeds of corruption which helps with killing the adds in the easy fight. Besides that theres one set build that outperforms everything atm.

Provide an in-combat screenshot of your UI (upload to

What day/time (evening EST) would be best for an interview?:
9:30 ish

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us? It can be personal or related to in game.:
Looking to progress, and improve as a player. Thanks for your time :D

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