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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:56 pm    Post subject:

This... is a beautiful application. We'll be in touch!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:20 pm    Post subject: App: nikolbolas

The application submitted by nikolbolas is as follows:

Armory Link:

Battle Tag:

Preferred Spec(s):


Your Time Zone:

Warcraftlogs Link (or equivalent):

Our Core group's raid times are 9:45PM - 1AM EST Wednesday, Sunday, Monday. If you cannot fully make this schedule, please describe any limitations.:
those hours work perfectly for me.

Because we consider this a raiding guild, if you are on during a raid we expect you to be signed up and in raid. If you sign up and do not show up, you risk demotion or being removed from the guild. Would this become an issue for you?:

During raids, (although rarely), there may become a time where we may need to substitute you for a class that may help us progress on a particular boss (e.g.: a crowd control class or an additional healer). Are you comfortable with this?:

Please tell us about your raiding history including any past experience in any previous expansion or the current. List any progression milestones that you feel are valuable. Use as much space as you'd like.:
MC: All content cleared
BWL: All content cleared
AQ 20 & 40: All content cleared
Naxxramas 40: Cleared up to 4 horsemen

***All progression in Vanilla was done on my hunter Laurishala who was lost during the BC expac after a hacking incident and before obtaining an authenticator***

Burning Crusade:

All contents cleared with the exception of SunWell Plateau. During early progression on the raid our guild master left the game for another MMO and most of the raiders followed him over. Progression came to a hault until WoTLK.

***All progression in Burning Crusade was done on my hunter Laurishala who was lost during the BC after a hacking incident and before obtaining an authenticator***

Wrath of the Lich King:
Naxx 10 & 25: All content cleared
Eye of the Storm 10 & 25: All contents cleared
Sartharion 10 & 25: All content cleared
Ulduar 10 & 25: All content cleared
ToC 10 & 25: All content cleared on normal and heroic (with the exception of H Anub 25)
ICC 10 & 25: All content cleared on normal and heroic (witth the exception of H Arthas on 25)

Blackwing Descent: All content Cleared
Bastion of Twilight: All content Cleared
Temple of the 4 winds: All content cleared (on normal - Guild at the time did not want to put in work on heroic based on loot reward not being worth the time investment)
Firelands: All content Cleared
Dragonsoul: All content Cleared

Mysts of Pandaria:
Mogushan vaults: All content cleared
Heart of Fear: Cleared 3/6 Heroic before guild died out (close to release of Throne of Thunder)
Terrace of Endless Sprinng: 1/4 Heroic before guild died out (close to release of Throne of Thunder)
Throne of Thunder: All content Cleared
Siege of Orgrimmar: All content cleared

Warlords of Draenor:
Highmaul: All content cleared, with the exception of Imperator (raid leader quit)
BlackRock Foundry: All content cleared (except for Mythic Maidens - took a break from Wow)
Hellfire Citadel: All content cleared prior to prepatch

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic kills.
The Nighthold: 8/10 Mythic Kills

Please tell us about your guild history with all other raiding guilds, including reasons why you left these guilds.:
Disposable Heroes ( Vanilla to WotLK) - - - > Guild died out after GM left the game and most of the officer core

Evil Deeds Inc (WotlK - MoP) - - - > Guild died out during MoP progression in HoF out of burn out of some of the members. They reformed for a while, but that was after I had already left the server.

Huge in Japan (Mop - ToT progression) - - - > During my trial with HoJ i had a family emergency that required me to leave the country during my trial period. I was absent for a long period of time from the game that hindered my trial status with them.

Casually Addicted (Mop - completion of ToT content) - - - > When I came back from hiatus Casually Addicted provided me with a chance to earn a spot in their core to complete ToT progression, which I did. As luck would have it though, the guild disbanded right after SoO release due to people burning out from game.

Might ( Soo Progression) - - - Started a trial with Might of Zuljin, but at the time there were 2 main raiding shadow priests in the core and 2 current trialing shadows, after speaking with some of the officers, they pretty much said they were going to keep their 2 raiding shadows at that time.

Divide ( Soo Completion - WoD progression) - - -> Joined after i was released from Might and completed my SoO content as well as raided in core spot during all of WoD content with the exception of HFC. Guild as falling apart after GM and raid leads decided to call it quits. People tried to reform, but no one was interested and everyone sought out greener pastures.

Casually Addicted/Shifty Casuals (HFC - Emerald Nightmare progresion) - - - > Was told by some of my old friends from this guild that they were reforming and rejoining as horde for HFC and wanted me back. I was glad to be back and playing with old faces. As time would have it again, people left due to burn out / dissatisfaction with the game. Guild tried a merger, had a hard time keeping people on and started just mass recruiting. Lot of toxic people joined. Left before guild fell apart and most of the members transferred off.

The most relevant guild I left is Evolve, honestly i have nothing but good things to say about the leadership of the guild. They are a very swell group of guys/ girls in their majority.The reason for leaving is that I've gotten tired of 2 specific people in guild and I am the type of person than rather creating or instigating drama in any situation, I rather remove myself from said situation. There was no event that transpired either publicly or privately, but certain comments have been made in many occasions that just ate away at my patience honestly. I rather log in and enjoy my experience in game, instead of having to "put up" with people i don't particularly enjoy playing with for 3 hours.

Please list any references from your last raiding guild.:

Give us a description of your current raiding build. It is likely you change out talents on a fight-per-fight basis. Please describe the various talent selections you would make on a given raid night.:
Shadow is pretty straight forward and unfortunately does not have a lot of options in the talents department for specific fights this expansion. I do however experiment with different legendary set ups, depending on fight, fight length or strategy.

My current talents are the standard (current) shadow build:

*Twist of Fate - Body and soul - Mind bomb - Lingering insanity - Sanlayn - Power Infussion - Legacy of the Void

This is the defacto build atm for shadow. It takes advantage of our current 4pc and heavy mastery build making sanlayn the go to talent and primary source of boosting damage of our vampiric touch. Surrender to madness is not currently a go to talent for progression and it is primarily saved for deep farm kills.

Some fights like Spellbalde Aluriel, Tichondrius and Botanist, we can switch to auspicious spririts and take advantage of the multi targets available during that fight, auspicious spirits will help in providing another source of insanity and helping us to stay longer in void form.

Provide an in-combat screenshot of your UI (upload to this is a link to my youtube channel

What day/time (evening EST) would be best for an interview?:
any time in the day, i work from home, so im always at the ready to jump in game.

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us? It can be personal or related to in game.:
I am a hard worker, I am always online and constantly progressing my character OUTSIDE of raids. I do not expect a hand out, I do not expect things to be EASY nor do I have a false sense of entitlement, I work for my spot. I enjoy being part of a team and I enjoy being part of a group that has the same mentality and set goals for this game. I know I can be better that what my logs show. I am always staying on top of my character and up to date with the most recent theory-crafting available for my class. I've always been a good performer, in both mechanics and as a DPS. Whenever I am surrounded by a good group of players, I rise to the occasion, just like everybody else. It is all a matter of having the right people and mentality for the job.

As you can see from my past history I am a raider and playing that content is what drives me the most in this game. I always come prepared to raids, i have my own consumables and repair gold, I know what strategies were going to use (if available) ahead of time and I am always going through logs to see what ive done wrong and where I can improve. I feel I can be an asset and can develop into an even better player. One must constantly try to better one self and try to be better than the last day.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em