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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:56 pm    Post subject:

Thank you for speaking with Peiyote! We'll be in touch again!

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 2:49 am    Post subject: App: Chezin

The application submitted by Chezin is as follows:

Armory Link:

Battle Tag:

Preferred Spec(s):


Your Time Zone:
GMT-3 (EST+1)

Warcraftlogs Link (or equivalent):

Our Core group's raid times are 9:45PM - 1AM EST Wednesday, Sunday, Monday. If you cannot fully make this schedule, please describe any limitations.:
I'm supposed to get home from university@9:40, but since I rely on public transportation I sometimes might be late 5-10 minutes on wed/mon.

Because we consider this a raiding guild, if you are on during a raid we expect you to be signed up and in raid. If you sign up and do not show up, you risk demotion or being removed from the guild. Would this become an issue for you?:

During raids, (although rarely), there may become a time where we may need to substitute you for a class that may help us progress on a particular boss (e.g.: a crowd control class or an additional healer). Are you comfortable with this?:

Please tell us about your raiding history including any past experience in any previous expansion or the current. List any progression milestones that you feel are valuable. Use as much space as you'd like.:
My current raiding experience is:
7/7M EN
3/3M ToV (killed Helya after NH but she is still a bitch)
7/10M NH with ~~50 pulls on augur.

Please tell us about your guild history with all other raiding guilds, including reasons why you left these guilds.:
The two relevant Legion guilds I was/am in were <Ceteri> (disbanded), and currently <Wander>. I was not an officer in any of those guilds, but I always tried to help with recruiting (scouting WowProgress for poaching LUL) and going over logs. I do help people out when they need a specific weak aura for their class, but they mostly just figure it out by themselves. I'm leaving <Wander> because we are having a lot of unsolved attendance issues and it doesnt seems thats gonna be fixed for ToS, as well as some raiding environment problems (spending way too much time chit chatting in between pulls, not efficiently clearing farm content because of distractions and that sort of thing), and it also seems that people are not investing themselves as much as they need into the game. I rarely do a mythic+ because I pretty much have to pug it if i want to do one, and lets just say its not fun at all to push a 20 in a pug.

Please list any references from your last raiding guild.:
I would, but I have yet to speak up that I'm leaving, since it will take a week a or so for me to transfer I will do that whenever I get to trial with another guild, so doing that would leave a bad impression, unfortunately

Give us a description of your current raiding build. It is likely you change out talents on a fight-per-fight basis. Please describe the various talent selections you would make on a given raid night.:
The only things that I currently have to swap are:
1- War Machine for Endless Rage on fights that doesn't have enough adds to keep WM up long enough
2 -Avatar to Wrecking Ball on fights like Skorp, where you basically don't ever stop spinning

The build that I use the most looks like this: 1 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 2

Provide an in-combat screenshot of your UI (upload to

What day/time (evening EST) would be best for an interview?:
Any day besides mon/tue/wed, 10PM to 4AM.

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